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  Looking to Foster?

Please click our 'Dogs in Need of Foster Homes' link under the 'Looking to foster?' heading to see our dogs currently in need of placement!

We are thrilled that you have taken your time to contact us. As volunteers, we are diligently working to get back to everyone as soon as possible. SO many dogs need our help, and if we can build our foster base, it will make saving them so much easier... especially in a crunch!

Fostering saves lives, and without a committed foster base, its hard to help dogs in need, especially when they are given a 'deadline' for saving. Now that you have decided to give one of our dogs a great home, we have a process we need to follow. We want to make sure that our dogs find the perfect foster and/or their forever homes, the first time.

We need to review your information and contact your references. Sometimes, because of people’s busy lives, this can take several days. Generally, this part of the process can take up to two weeks. So please be patient, and know that we are always working towards having the pleasure of meeting with you. While in Foster Care, the animals costs are covered by RSNB.

The Process:

- Fill out and application and contact us.

- First meet and greet the pup and we normally bring the dog to you and then dog goes back so you and family or others have time to think about the commitment and if the dog is right for you.

- Home visit which is sometimes done on meet and greet and if all is a go the dog is placed with you for a general two week trial to make sure its a good match for everyone.

- Adoption application is then processed or the dog is returned to RSNB.

**These guidelines on the trial time do not apply to Fosters only**

All situations are different, so this is just a general guideline of how the process goes. We do encourage fosters to adopt in most cases as it is less stressful for the dog, and as animal advocates, that is our primary concern!


 1. Download the foster application form through the link above.

2. Fill out the application form.

3. Click "Submit Foster Application" above, attach the completed form to the email, and send. You're done!

Thank you for your interest in fostering/adopting a rescue!

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